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Hot Tub Repairs & Service Company

We Can Fix That

Locally owned and operating in the South Lanarkshire area since 2020, TubSure Scotland has been repairing and servicing a variety of brands and models. Reliable and affordable repair service is our specialty, so we’re sure we can find the solution for your specific needs.

Is your hot tub in need of repair? Welcome to Tubsure, your local hot tub repair company. We offer reliable and affordable hot tub repairs and servicing across South Lanarkshire. We’re a family-run business who prioritises its customers. Our prices are competitive, schedule is flexible, and all of our work and parts are guaranteed.


We offer our hot tub cleaning, repair, and servicing to everyone, including small letting businesses who trust us to ensure that they are providing their guests with the highest quality hot tub experience available. We’re passionate about providing peace of mind - meaning our comprehensive services take care of everything for you.


All of our services are carried out by certified professionals, at affordable rates.

If you own a hot tub, getting it serviced annually should become a habit. It’s important to make sure your hot tub is functioning at its best at all times.

Booking an annual hot tub service with us will ensure that you get the most out of it. Annual servicing prolongs the life span of your hot tub, as well as investigating potential problems that can only be identified by trained and qualified professionals. When we service a hot tub, we look at all aspects of the machine, to ensure that our customers don’t have to worry about surprise repairs.

We’re a fully qualified and experienced hot tub repair and maintenance company that is trusted throughout South Lanarkshire.

Hot Tub Cleaning Chemicals

All of our hot tub cleaning chemicals are fully approved and up to standard in accordance with the regulatory bodies for hot tubs. We know hot tubs inside and out, meaning we use chemicals that provide the safest, highest quality clean.

Hot Tub Repair and Servicing